Viking Warrior Statue


When we think of the Norse culture, we almost always think of the famed Vikings warriors who came from the north, and who revered the fierce Norse gods like Odin, Thor, Baldr, and others. With a fierce and pragmatic spirit, the Vikings warriors descended upon Europe, taking its riches and even extorting kings for ransoms so as to leave whole cities intact. And when they weren`t taking wealth at the edge of an axe or sword, the were exploring the world. They were the first among the Europeans to set foot in North America, and their ships traveled throughout the known world down rivers, across seas, and wherever else the winds and currents might take them. This statue embraces the fierce and pragmatic spirit of the Vikings, capturing it in the form of a lone figure. Standing 12 1/2" tall, a solitary Viking looks outward with a stern visage, concealed in part by his beard and the mail coif he wears beneath a winged helm. With a traveler`s cloak thrown over a shirt of mail, he`s bedecked for war or the seas, hefting both shield and axe in his hands. Made of cold cast resin, and styled so as to appear to be shaped of bronze, no detail is forgotten, with the individual links of his armor on display alongside the grain of the oaken shield he carries. Place it upon your altar or in your home and celebrate the vitality with which the Viking warrior stormed the world.

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