Lady`s Mantle cut 1oz 1618 gold


The origin of Lady`s Mantle`s (alchemilla xanthochlora) lore is obscured in the mid ages, where the clash of Christianity with old pagan traditions resulted in many the renaming and alteration of many forms of tradition and lore. However, it`s old name Nine Hooks suggests that it was revered by the Saxons due to the Saxon reverence of the number nine, and many hold that it was also sacred to women, and possibly some Pre-Christian Goddess. Whatever the case, it was dedicated to the Virgin Mary in the mid ages in part due to its shape, which resembled a Lady`s cloak, and also due to its many curative powers. These powers left it revered as well by Alchemists, who believed due collected from its petals could help in creating the philosopher`s stone. Though modern herbalists don`t quite agree that Lady`s Mantle can restore virginity and youth to women as was once believed, it is however revered for its ability to aid in treating menstrual pain and the symptoms of menopause. Some also use it for treating bleeding both internal and external, and for easing nausea. Some herbalists have also used it in creating lotions for insect bites, eczema, and other such skin problems. This is a 1 oz packet of cut Lady`s Mantle.

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