Kosher Salt 1oz 1618 gold


While those of us in the US widely know this variety of salt as Kosher Salt, throughout the UK is is known as Koshering Salt, which is perhaps a more apt name for the product. The salt is quite similar to common table salt, but typically possesses larger granules and contains no other additives. It gets its name from the fact that it is used to help create kosher meats, helping to extract blood from meat. If the finer grains of common table salt were applied to this purpose it is much more likely that table salt would dissolve during the process, doing little more than creating a very salty meat. This process is used to help meet the dietary rules set by Jewish law, and is intended to draw blood from the meat so as the ingestion of blood is not sanctioned by the Bible. Aside from this, it is sometimes used in favor of common table salt within cooking practices, as it can provide a somewhat different texture to your food. Outside of this practice, salt is widely known throughout the magickal and occult world for its ability to add to spell work, and has been known for such for centuries. Most commonly, it is used in protection magick. In this case it can be used in any number of methods, from using the actual salt to draw seals and magick circles to adding it to ritual baths and floor washes. Other more common traditions range from throwing it over the shoulder for good luck to sprinkling it over cursed objects and places to break the curses involved, or otherwise remove hexes and jinxes. This is a 1 oz packet of Kosher Salt.

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